Fishing Tour

Sabah is not only blessed with it’s beautiful Island, Mountain as well as it’s flora u0026amp; fauna. but it is one of the most well known destination for it’s deep sea fishing. Tourist who would want to experience deep sea fishing can do so as we have many fishing spot. Normally, they can charter on boat within 6 – 7 miles from kota kinabalu and as far as Mangalum Island which is located within 35 miles from kota kinabalu international airport

Bottom Fishing at  Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TARP)

Gaya Island / Manukan Island / Mamutik Island / Sapi Island / Sulug Island

RM200.00 per hour

Inclusive of: Fishing hand line, boat crew u0026amp; bait

** Fishing Rod is also available upon request **


Additional Hours

RM100.00 per hour